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What is Violence?

Defining Domestic Violence

"Domestic violence" is a term used to describe a wide range of behaviours used by one person to control and dominate another individual with whom they have, or have had, a close or family relationship. Domestic violence is often a series of abusive incidents, which may or may not be physical, that inevitably have a cumulative effect on the victim.

Sadly, domestic violence occurs irrespective of background, circumstance, sexuality, age, disability and gender. The overwhelming majority of sufferers are female and abusers male.

Domestic violence occurs in many forms. Some instances of domestic violence are listed below and may help you understand your situation better.

If you realise you are - or someone you know is - suffering domestic violence please make contact via the Get Support Now page.

Types of Domestic Violence

Emotional and Psychological Abuse

  • Constantly criticising her comparatively with other races e.g. telling her that white women are much better.
  • Threatening to take the children away
  • Threatening to abuse or abusing the children psychologically or emotionally
  • Telling her he'll get married again
  • Telling her he'll divorce her
  • Telling her she's ugly or unattractive
  • Telling her she's mad and/or not a fit mother
  • Not allowing her to visit parents, brothers or sisters
  • Women and/or children not having British passports
  • Not allowing her to learn English
  • Not applying for indefinite stay

Economic Restrictions

  • Not allowing her access to any money or financial independence at all; husband or mother-in-law controls child benefit and all household income
  • Sparse food being brought into home, e.g. chapatti flour and bread and little or nothing else.
  • Not providing baby food, milk or food suitable for young children and babies.
  • Wife or daughter-in-law never allowed to go shopping, accompanied or alone, with the result that, although having been in this country for a number of years, the woman doesn't know the value of money or how much things cost.
  • Even when the wife is working, the husband takes all the money she earns.
  • Not allowing her to work, train or study.

Sexual Domination

  • Using objects in a sexual manner
  • Demanding sex at inappropriate and awkward time e.g. just as in-laws are waiting for chapatti or children need to be picked up from school
  • Inviting friends round and expecting wife to have sex with them
  • Offering her to men for sexual purposes
  • Making her watch pornographic films
  • Threatening to sexually abuse the children
  • Raping her

Physical Violence

  • Bruising her
  • Breaking her bones, e.g. ribs, arms and/or legs.
  • Punching her
  • Pulling her hair
  • Dragging her down the stairs
  • Hitting her where she is very unlikely to show anyone e.g. genital areas.
  • Attempted strangulation.
  • Kicking her
  • Burning her with cigarettes or a hot iron
  • Hitting her with a belt - even while she is pregnant.
  • Causing nose bleeds

If you realise you are - or someone you know is - suffering domestic violence please make contact via the Get Support Now page.

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