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No Recourse

Definition of No-Recourse

If a woman comes to the UK on a Spouse Visa, she becomes dependent on her husband for her right to remain in the UK. She is also reliant on her husband as her `sponsor' to apply within 2 years for her own right to remain. At this time she has 'no recourse to public funds', she is completely financially dependent on him.

Exploitation that can result from No-Recourse

If the woman is subjected to domestic violence, she can be trapped in a very dangerous situation with all the resulting impact for herself and her children.

In addition to violence and abuse, a woman will often face isolation, language barriers, no access to information, no independent funds, no family other than her husband's relatives and often no friends. Many women live in fear, thinking they have nowhere to go for help.

If they return to their country of origin, they face leaving their children and may fear persecution and the stigma of a failed marriage.

Help Available

For women with British borne children, social services have a duty under section 17 to provide financial support which includes food, shelter and clothing. If a woman has no British borne children there is currently no statutory duty to any agency to provide support.

As a result, various initiatives have been set up to support women in these situations from within the voluntary sector. These organisations may be able to provide various forms of support. For further information please contact any of the telephone numbers below

For women living in:

  • Rotherham - Apna Haq Hardship Fund 01709 519212
  • Sheffield - Sheffield Domestic Abuse Forum 0114 275 0101
  • Doncaster - Women’s Aid 01302 326411
  • Barnsley - Domestic Violence Group 01226 249800
  • National - Saheli Centre 01619454187

The Apna Haq Hardship Fund

Apna Haq has a Hardship Fund to help provide some of their most vulnerable and destitute service users with short term financial support and safe accommodation as they leave domestic violence situations in Rotherham. Funds raised for the 'Women's No Recourse Fund' will help ease the pressure on scarce local resources by providing service users with essential living costs.

When a woman leaves a violent domestic situation, she will often need support from specialist domestic violence projects and other services to

  • explore her options and consider what she might do next, with the aid of an interpreter where needed
  • access accurate legal information about family law and her immigration status
  • make her own application to change her status by applying for `indefinite leave to remain' in the UK in her own right
  • settle into a new home and community, and begin to feel safe again
  • deal with the impact of domestic violence on herself and her children, in order to rebuild confidence and self-esteem.

The Hardship Fund provides women with money for essentials such as housing, food, toiletries, children's clothes, public transport and so on.

If you would like further information, or to donate please click here to download Apna Haq 'No-Recourse Leaflet'

Hardship Fund Criteria

The hardship fund criteria are
  • Women suffering from violence
  • No support elsewhere
  • no family support or family deny support
  • Existing under the 2 year rule with no recourse to public funds
  • Children to support

Please contact the Apna Haq Hardship Fund on 01709 519212 for further information

Charity Event

The project held a Charity Event at the New Life Christian Centre, Canklow Road, Rotherham on 21st March 2007 to raise fund for the projects hardship fund.

Gold Book and Home Office

The No Recourse project is affiliated to the Women’s Aid Federation. It is also listed within the 2007 Gold Book. The project also is listed on the Home Office website.

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01709 519211
01709 519211

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