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Support Apna Haq Offers

Support Activities

Apna Haq provides confidential, one to one support for Asian women and their children who are experiencing violence in the home.

We are involved in inter-agency case working allowing us to help Asian women via social services, the police and other agencies as well as being sought out by these agencies to help Asian women in distress.

We are therefore able to provide support and information regarding the following services:

  • Housing
  • Police
  • Solicitors
  • Refuge
  • Benefits
  • NHS
  • School & education
  • Courts

If you need help now please see our support page.

Apna Haq works with voluntary and statutory agencies to raise awareness of issues facing Asian women so these agencies may

  • take these specific issues into consideration
  • respond appropriately
  • gain an understandiing and awareness of specific issues facing Asian women suffering from violence

Community Action

Apna Haq works within the Asian community to educate on domestic violence and raise awareness of the affects of domestic violence on both women and children within the community and the community itself.

If you are in any doubt about the definition of domestic violence please see our definition on our page about domestic violence

Organising Training Opportunities

By organising training opportunities, Apna Haq enables Asian women to gain the skills, experience and confidence to create an 'Asian women's voice' within Rotherham so that Asian women can

  • raise their own views
  • speak out on topics that concern or effect them
  • become aware of issues and the effect of these issues on themselves
  • be involved in groups where they can develop strategies to improve matters both within their own lives and the wider community

Please see our Training page for more information.

Volunteering Opportunities

Apna Haq can also arrange volunteer training packages and volunteer recruitment. Please contact us for more information.

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01709 519211

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